Content Creation 

In our current age, with the deluge of digital images our eyes scan daily, it’s a wonder we retain within memory the fraction that we do.

The internet is an exotic grand bazaar of ear whisperers and eye candy - gazillions of graphics, sites, words, and ideas - all tranquilly or frantically competing for our attention. Brilliant, somber, amusing, loud, pulsing, twitching, flat, provocative, beguiling, uninspired, lame, ingenious. It’s all there beckoning one to engage: buy or like or share. What is it that makes an individual concept, advertisement or website stand out among the vast multitude of media? What is it that captivates one’s heart, mind and soul leaving an indelible impression? And, horrors, what is that gaping lack that leaves us out on the frozen tundra of a failed media effort?

Photo Manipulation Example: