You need a team of first rate. First it takes a deep understanding of the idea of contrast. Beauty and its opposite. Lightness, shadow. Engagement, withdrawal. Certainly essential is a lifetime study of human nature and what is desired and what is rebuffed. What motivates and what stops energy in its tracks? A grasp of the infinite essence of nature visible and invisible. These are all traits that the artist must possess. 

Here in our lair at BBCS we are imagineers with an innovative flair for taking an idea to the summit of creative pursuit. Our photography and videography goes beyond expectation into a higher realm of advanced artistry. Why? Because our team adeptly addresses your focus, needs and intention...and in a world where a picture speaks a thousand words, to be noticed nowadays, the conceptual artist has got to be spot on. Not only in creation and production but in building the rapport required for a successful client / studio relationship. We work for you and we are not satisfied until you are. Our creators strive for stellar so you and your product shine!